Northeast Japan: Cape Shiriya [Trip Day 7.0] 東北:下北半島・尻屋崎

  Trip itinerary and map

Cape Shiriya (尻屋崎) is the grazing ground of its local breed of horse, Kandatsume (寒立馬), and the area is free for visitors to enter. Kandatsume horses look a bit different to the normal horses with their thick bodies and legs, adapted to the cold winter in this area. It’s well worth a visit to see these special horses grazing in the beautiful open scenery.

Breakfast at Muu’s B&B. The local apple jam was certainly the highlight, though we’d like to have more of it.

Arashi bidding us farewell while we departed.

About 40 mins drive from the B&B, we were approaching Cape Shiriya and spotted the first few horses. There was no traffic so we just got off the car for some photos.

And a several more near the coast.

These kandatsume horses have really thick bodies and look quite imposing.

Continuing along the road to the Cape Shiriya lighthouse.

Horses grazing around the lighthouse as well.

A calf.

A sign stating to keep pets away from them and don’t get too close.

We spent just about 1 hour there. Bye horses.