Alpine Route Extended: Climbing Tateyama [Trip Day 3] 立山登山

  Trip itinerary and map

It’s a full day for a leisurely hike to Mount Tateyama. For a mountain over 3000 metres, it is incredibly accessible – the Alpine Route brought us up to 2450m in Murodo, with some good quality accommodation; and then it is just a 2-hour ascend to the summit.

Note that “Tateyama” actually refers to the mountain range, which consists of 3 peaks. The Oyama (雄山) at 3003m is the more well-known peak, with a shrine on top. A lot of people only hike up to this point, but you can go further to the Onanjiyama (大汝山) at 3015m, the highest peak, and Fujinooritate (富士ノ折立) at 2999m. As part of the Northern Alps, you can extend the route even further to make a multi-day hike, but that’s really for the advanced!