Hong Kong, Norwich and London (U.K.) had all been my home. Tokyo has been my current one since 2010.

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This Site

For the travel posts, I hope they would serve as travel ideas for anyone looking around on the web, as I have been (and still am) in the same shoes.

I am still in progress of writing up entries catching up to both my past and more recent travels. I don’t publish chronologically, but as of now in mid 2016, the ones for later half of 2014 are mostly there.


I self-host the site on my VPS with Digital Ocean, and Cloudflare on the front. WordPress is used to compose the content, for its convenience in particular for an image-heavy site. But for better security and performance, I export everything as static pages for publishing on the web.

The site is based on the free Catch Adaptive theme, which I have done some heavy customisation on. The front page was almost written from scratch.