[Itinerary and Map] Around Kyoto: Uji, Nara, Biwa 【旅行日程】京都・宇治・奈良・琵琶湖

For people visiting Japan the first time, Kyoto would be one of the most popular destinations, on par with Tokyo. Being the ancient capital of Japan, it’s packed with some beautiful historical sites and temples, many of which are designated as World Heritage.

Although I had visited Kyoto once many years ago, it was still on my wife’s list – in particular for the “so famous, must be seen” places like the “Golden Pavilion Temple” Kinkaku-Ji (金閣寺), and “Clear Water Temple”, Kiyomizu-Tera (清水寺). So this time we’d have a 4-day trip, combining travel in Kyoto, as well as exploring a bit further around for some new places.