To The South: Okinawa, Naha [Trip Day 9] 南へ:沖縄・那覇

  Trip itinerary and map

Our stay in Yakushima concluded with a 7 am departure by hydrofoil from Anbo Port. That’s possible only because our guesthouse was literally 5 minutes away – there weren’t any bus that early. The owner was also kind enough to have breakfast available for us by 6:30 am. It tasted good but had to finish that in a hurry.

Much of the day was spent in transit – we would be going further south to Naha in Okinawa today. Once back in Kagoshima, we headed to the airport which was about 1 hour away by bus. And then after a 1.5 hour flight we made it out of the Naha Airport at about 3 pm.