Hokkaido Summer Rain and Sun: Sapporo, Asahikawa [Trip Day 1] 北海道夏日と雨:札幌・旭川

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Common impression of Hokkaido is this endless countryside with forever blue sky. But of course, the reality can be poor weather. It turned out spending some time in the city wasn’t so bad after all, when encountering weather like this.

Shinchitose Airport (新千歳空港)

So much more than an airport, it’s an attraction in itself. You can easily spend a day there without getting bored, with all various shops, restaurants and entertainment options, including a cinema (not that I’d recommend travelling all the way here to watch a movie!).

Sapporo (札幌)

Asahikawa (旭川)

Weather forecast for tomorrow did not look promising. We would have to brave the outdoors in the rain.