Hokkaido Summer Rain and Sun: Furano [Trip Day 2] 北海道夏日と雨:富良野

  Trip itinerary and map

Rain continued from yesterday. It didn’t get better after morning, so we headed out anyway around noon.

Furano is almost a synonym for lavender, and there are many lavender fields in the area. Without a car our options were somewhat limited, but walking is still possible, and we did a route starting from Nakafurano station (中富良野駅), and ending at a special temporary station Lavendar Farm (ラベンダーばたけ), where trains only stop during the peak lavender season. This route went through 3 lavender parks / farms, the last one was Farm Tomita, the most well known one in Furano (and also likely most crowded).

Farm Tomita

Before reaching Farm Tomita’s lavender fields, we first made a stop at the adjacent Tomita Melon House, which has a large covered area selling melons and other food and snacks. We needed a break as rain actually got even heavier. Despite the rain though it was completely packed with tourists – sharp contrast to the earlier Saikanosato farm where we almost owned the place.

Granted that it was almost the end of the lavender peak season, the fields there were also a bit underwhelming, again when compared to the earlier farm which had more in full bloom. Its lavender shop was well-stocked though, and we bought some excellent lavender tea.

Asahikawa (旭川)

Back in Asahikawa, for dinner we had a warm and filling soup curry, a Hokkaido speciality.