Climbing Mount Fuji: Again [Trip Day 2] 富士山登山


We paused our progress at the 8th Station, but even there got fairly crowded. One could imagine the top would be even more so.

Crater Walk

One major regret I had in my first climb was that I didn’t did the walk around the crater (known as O-hachi-meguri お鉢巡り). I was just too cold to stay any further on the top. And in fact, without doing part of the walk, it’s not possible to reach the highest point of Mount Fuji, Kengamine (剣が峰). This time I was going to finish the business.

Going Down

We went back down on the Subashiri Route. As mentioned in the previous entry, the downhill route is mostly separate. And similar to the Gotemba Route, it has a long stretch of sand / gravel trail. You can take big steps or even run down it, covering a lot distance quickly. For that, a pair of gaiters would be immensely useful, as your feet would definitely sink in and gravels in the shoes are not pleasant!

Very little drama going down. It felt more tiring than going up, probably due to lack of sleep and the return to the hot summer weather.