To The South: Shimanami Kaido Cycling – Omishima, Hakatashima, Imabari [Trip Day 3] 南へ:しまなみ海道サイクリング・大三島・伯方島・今治

  Trip itinerary and map

Second day of our bicycle journey. The weather was looking a bit unstable, but we would focus on our first goal of getting to the seafood barbecue place for lunch!

Omishima (大三島)

Hakatashima (伯方島)

We went past this island only on its southwest side, stopping at the service area which has a fairly large souvenir shop and a park next to the coast. We were lucky that while we were browsing inside it suddenly started to rain. Thankfully it was short, and we were able to continue without much delay. The weather can really make or break such a cycling trip!

Oshima (大島)

The last island on the route. While most of it had been pretty flat, here we had to get over a long incline (unfortunately no photo was taken of that, must have been too focused on the climb!). But after that would be our lunch spot, and the spectacular Kurushima Bridge (来島大橋).

Imabari (今治)

We finally arrived at Shikoku. There are a few good spots for enjoying the view of the Kurushima Bridge, but after that the cycle route rejoins the busy main road, running along side it for a somewhat dull 6 km before the final destination at Imabari Station.

Imabari also has a castle and is famous for high quality towels (all Japanese know about “Imabari Towel”). There’s also a museum for it for the interested. For us we would only be staying for the night and departing early next day.