To The South: Beppu Jigoku, Umitamago Aquarium [Trip Day 6] 南へ:別府地獄・うみたまご水族館

  Trip itinerary and map

Beppu boasts the largest number of hotspring sources in Japan. Apart from the ones for bathing, there are also a group of colourful hotsprings which are too hot but good for viewing. These are the Beppu Jigoku (hell). Most of them are clustered together in one area, which is just right for a tour on foot.

The remaining two Jigoku are some way separated from this cluster, but there are regular buses.

Frankly, the displays were all very touristy, but I have a special interest in water-related sites so it was still a worthwhile visit for me.

Umitamago Aquarium (うみたまご水族館)

This is located on the coast next to the highway between Beppu and Oita City. There’s not much else in its vicinity but fortunately still accessible by city bus.

Leaving Beppu – To Kagoshima

The sky was definitely looking quite ominous now. We got back to Beppu and departed for Kagoshima. By the time we reached Kagoshima about 9 pm, train cancellations started to happen as the typhoon was approaching.